Collectors… Does anyone have the entire Lil Missy Collection?  I’m going off the wikipedia list and according to that list I need the following dolls:

  • 13385 Her Royal Majesty
  • 13340 Chocolate Kiss
  • 13446 Moss Rose/Flower Series
  • 13457 August – Peridot
  • 13904 Pink Bird of Happiness
  • 13907 Red/Christmas Bird of Happiness

Dolls on the wikipedia list that I’m not sure if they really belong on the list:

  • 13357 Orphan Denise
  • 13358 Runaway Denise
  • unk model # Snowball Fight
  • 13385 Her Royal Majesty – not sure as 13421 Her Royal Highness is on the list too however there are two Southern Belles so its quite possible Her Royal Majesty and Her Royal Highness are both part of the collection.

Also, another collector has told me that the following 3 dolls could only be ordered from the catalog.  I do not remember seeing these 3 sold in the stores all those years ago:

13330 – Sue
13331 – Liza
13332 – Sherri

Anyone who has the entire collection can you verify the wikipedia list?  If there are others missing let me know and I can update The Collection link on the website.

My goal for the website is to document the entire collection.

Thank you