Collection Completed

I began collecting Li’l Missys in 1975 and 42 years later I have FINALLY completed the collection.    The Collection link has been updated with images of completed dolls.

I did not collect the dolls with the musicbox or centerpiece dolls, so I do not have a completed image for them. If you find a link with no image that is due to that doll does not exist or may be found under a different model number.  These are the models in question:

13347 – Happy Holiday
140/13361D – Happy Holly
13385 – Her Royal Majesty
13421 – Her Royal Highness
13357 – Orphan Denise
13358 – Runaway Denise
Unk – Snowball Fight

I would like to thank Maureen for gifting me Chocolate Kiss as no matter how much I tried to acquire it on eBay I always got out bid.

I know that there are collectors out there who were club members and have a few club dolls which I’d really like to someday obtain images for those dolls:

13330 – Sue
13331 – Liza
13332 – Sherri

All my dolls are kept in plastic cases that I began purchasing in the 70’s which at that time were only $1.79 a box now they are $3.79 a box. The same case is still being sold at the Container Store box 4″x7″ size. Every doll fits in this case.

Happy Collecting!