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I began collecting Li’l Missys in 1975 and 42 years later I have FINALLY completed the collection.    The Collection link has been updated with images of completed dolls.

I did not collect the dolls with the musicbox or centerpiece dolls, so I do not have a completed image for them. If you find a link with no image that is due to that doll does not exist or may be found under a different model number.  These are the models in question:

13347 – Happy Holiday
140/13361D – Happy Holly
13385 – Her Royal Majesty
13421 – Her Royal Highness
13357 – Orphan Denise
13358 – Runaway Denise
Unk – Snowball Fight

I would like to thank Maureen for gifting me Chocolate Kiss as no matter how much I tried to acquire it on eBay I always got out bid.

I know that there are collectors out there who were club members and have a few club dolls which I’d really like to someday obtain images for those dolls:

13330 – Sue
13331 – Liza
13332 – Sherri

All my dolls are kept in plastic cases that I began purchasing in the 70’s which at that time were only $1.79 a box now they are $3.79 a box. The same case is still being sold at the Container Store box 4″x7″ size. Every doll fits in this case.

Happy Collecting!








14 thoughts on “Collection Completed”

  1. Congratulations! All hail the Queen of the Li’l Missy Beaded Dolls. Your site is wonderful for all us collectors. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Dana,
      I have the Happy Holly doll. You’ll find a picture of her on “The Collector” page of the website. What is in question is the actual model number of the doll. Either the model number is 140C or 13361D. Do you know the correct model number? Were you registered in the Doll Club? On “The Collector” page I have a picture in the Miscellaneous Picture Column of the Form to register in the Doll Club. I’ve been told there were a few dolls that could only be obtained by being in the doll club. I’d love to get pictures of those dolls or better yet I’d like to get my hands on the club dolls.
      Happy Collecting!

  2. Hi, I’m trying to find information on some dolls I have from my childhood. I identified that one is the Michelle bit the others I can’t seem to find. Woyld I be able to send you a picture of them to see if you have any idea what they might be?

  3. Such a family treasure! Glad to see it out of storage to enjoy at my daughter Miranda house. These missy sequin dolls were completed by my grandma! (Gladys Butler) I can remember buying her two of the kits. There is 40 dolls here. LOT of work to make. I looked them up and there are still kits for sale. They date 1978. eBay wants 25 bucks a kit! Saw ones that grandma didn’t have so guess what I want!!! Looks like Lucia gets them next! What A treasure for her from her great great grandma!! Can’t believe according to this awesome website that there is over 100 in the collection! Is the kits still being made or did they discontinue a long time ago?So excited to get my hands on one not in our collection!!

  4. Does anyone else keep their paper patterns after they finish their dolls? I just purchased the Traveler and everything is there but the paper pattern. Was hoping someone had one that I could get a copy of

  5. Have you considered having a place on this site for “in search of” or “looking to buy or sell?” I have a collection of about 20 dolls that I would be willing to pass on to others. They are in ok condition but I made them when I was 12 or so, and I would not think they would be sell-able. Perhaps someone needs a missing part or would like a doll in fair condition for free (and postage).

    1. Hi Cheryl, No I have not considered including a section for looking to buy or sell. I have the link to Ebay on the site. Figuring out something like that is a bit too complex so I think the blog will have to do. Glad you found and enjoy the website.

  6. My 89 year old mother passed away earlier this year and I am going through her things. She had assembled 80+ of these dolls. Unfortunately I do not have the space for them and am looking for someone who would be interested in the dolls. I would be happy to ship (and I will pay for shipping costs). Just want to find someone who will appreciate them. Please send me an email if interested.

  7. Hello,

    Just wondering if this site is still active. I’ve been a collector for around 40 years! Started making them as a teenager. Anyway, I’ve posted several on Ebay for sale and was curious as to which dolls were the rarest or best sold?


  8. I just purchased 2 of the club dolls the other day. Thought you might like to have pictures. Just let me know where I can send them. They are called Lil Miss Lovelies and I found Sue & Liza. Really excited to have found them. Now I just need to track down the 3rd one.

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