Lil Missy Memories

My Mom and I began purchasing Lil Missy kits at Leeward’s in Illinois in the late 70’s.  As I got older we stopped buying the kits so I didn’t complete the collection.  Then I learned that unopened kits could be found on eBay so I’m once again obtaining the kits.  The dolls are displayed in a spare bedroom of my home and I have some dolls on my desk at work.  All of the dolls are in individual clear plastic cases so I’m able to stack them which takes up less room.  

11 thoughts on “Lil Missy Memories”

  1. Awesome site! This has to bring back some very fond memories. I look forward to checking in on the blog to see if/when you complete the collection.

  2. I have over 50 of the L’il missy dolls. What a great website and blog!
    What kind of case are you using for your dolls?

  3. Thanks so much for all your hard work. The site is great. It’s great to see all these dolls in one place. Brings back many happy childhood memories. I often wonder about the creative people who designed these kits. It would be great to talk with them.

  4. Hi I am wondering if you can still buy the bodys and head and create your own not using a kit. I have some my mom and I made together when I was growing up and a little one I watch during the day fell in love with them and wants to start her own collection.

  5. Hi Katie,
    I have not seen anywhere online or otherwise where the heads and doll bodies can be purchased seprately. Perhaps a long time ago when Holiday was selling the kits you could buy the heads through their catalog (Misc pictures on the Collection link, I have an image from one of the catalogs) Only time I’ve seen them offered individually is on eBay.

  6. My mother passed away earlier this year and had completed 80+ of these doll kits. I have no space to keep them and would like to give to someone who would appreciate and treasure them as much as she did. I will happily ship (and I will pay for postage). Just want to find them a good home. If interested or know someone who is please email me at

  7. I have found a good home for the dolls, thank you to all who sent me an email inquiring about the dolls and for the condolences for my mom.


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